After clicking the Begin Voting button below, you will be directed to a secure website for this voting process. You will first be prompted for your Member Number and last four numbers of your Social Security Number (SSN). Your member number is printed at the top of your statement (available within online banking if you are enrolled).

After logging in, you will start the process. Select the candidates you want to vote for and then click the Next button. Finally, review your votes and press the Submit button to cast your ballot.

Joint members who opened their account BEFORE September 30, 1987, and who are not primary members on any account, should call to request a ballot from an Election Representative at 410-272-4000 ext. 3559 or toll-free 1-800-225-2555 ext. 3559.

Ballots must be received no later than March 24, 2024. Only members age 16 and older may vote.
To preview the candidate biographies, click here.