Dear Prime Care Credit Union Member,

Since our founding in 1970, Prime Care Credit Union Inc (PCCU) has existed to provide members of the healthcare community with quality products and services at attractive rates, with the personal service and care that comes with being a member-owned institution. Your board of directors is committed to seeing that your credit union membership continues to provide meaningful value to you and the rest of our members.

After careful consideration, the board has concluded that our members would be best served by partnering with the Healthcare Systems Federal Credit Union (HSFCU) via a member approved merger. HSFCU currently serves healthcare workers in Virginia, the District of Columbia and Maryland, including members of Sentara at its' northern Virginia location. Management of the two credit unions have long been engaged in conversations regarding the potential of HSFCU to assist PCCU in better serving its members. The Boards of the two credit unions determined that a merger would be in the mutual best interests of the membership and would meet the credit union's goals of:

  • Continuing to focus on the financial wellness of Healthcare Workers
  • Expanding product and service offerings
  • Providing enhanced access via virtual and electronic channels
  • Maintaining a locally serviced and staffed Credit Union

A membership vote is required for this to move forward, and we request your support at a special Membership Meeting for this purpose on March 15, 2023, as outlined in the enclosed notice. The projected date for the merger to occur is April 1st, 2023. Federal and State Regulators have already given their approval for the merger.

We know change can be difficult, but we are excited about the opportunities that this merger brings to our members. Prime Care Credit Union and Healthcare Systems Federal Credit Union are committed to providing a smooth transition and to seeing that our members are well taken care of throughout this process and far into the future.

The complete election packet can be found online. To view it, click here. When you are ready, please click the "Begin Voting" button below to logon and vote.

On behalf of your Board of Directors, we hope that you will vote “YES” to support this merger as the best path forward to ensure that your future financial needs are met.

Board Chairman
Jim MacCord