NOTICE TO MEMBERS OF PROPOSED CHARTER CONVERSION AND VOTE will be held from February 26, 2023, through March 23, 2023.

Navigator Credit Union and its Board of Directors has given careful consideration to the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed conversion and believes it to be in the interest of the members for the following reasons:

  1. Navigator Credit Union will retain 100% of its current membership and there will be no disadvantages or adverse changes in service or benefits to our current membership.
  2. Navigator will still be Navigator. Our legal name will be Navigator Federal Credit Union.
  3. Navigator Credit Union will increase its reach and be able to serve more members and communities in the Gulf Coast region.
  4. Navigator will be able to offer more products with better rates to our members and do more for the communities we serve.
  5. Navigator is not pursuing growth for growth’s sake. We will retain our focus on understanding our member’s needs, providing personalized service, and supporting our community.

You may view/download extended information regarding the conversion here